Conjunction of Criminal Opportunity: Scenarios

This gamified web toolkit enables users to apply the Conjunction of Criminal Opportunity framework to Information Security. As a way to make it more specific, the framework could be applied to the following scenarios:

Phone2U: Spearphishing in a New Venture

A new joint venture, Totally Online (TO) was created to provide better leverage for deals with premium content providers. The new company has moved to a new secured office. However, from the very start of the new company, it's been plagued by an unlikely amount of sophisticated phishing attacks. Unless something is done, it is a matter of time that one of these attacks succeeds with potentially unlimited damaging consequences.

Meltdown: Insider IT Attacks

A big IT consulting company suffers from low staff morale and high turnover. This results in low quality of delivered software services, cases of IP theft and sabotage from within. A culture of viewing the company as an evil empire has developed among employees.

Management estimates that the level of planted backdoors could amount to up to 5 times more than the disclosed cases. They want to reduce sabotage and IP thefts and improve the image of the company: both internally and externally.

Spoonlure: Spearphishing Bank Employees

A leading multinational retail bank is experiencing an increasing number of scams aimed at its employees. Attacks would typically start with prolonged collection of personal data about the employees of interest. This preparatory phase would lead to personalized scams which aim to acquire the target employee's credentials for a bank system of interest.

Typical targets of successful attacks are employees at important positions in the bank. A cluster of attacks have been identified as originating from various groups in a small town in Eastern Europe dubbed Hackerville, where tricks and techniques related to hacking are widely accessible public knowledge.

Moonshine: Youth Nuisance in a Rural Borough

In a rural borough with around 7,000 residents a small area suffers from high rates of youth disorder and crime.

Groups of youths regularly get together around one particular flowerbed at the local shopping centre, drinking alcohol which makes them progressively noisy and disorderly, eventually leading in some cases to violence (particularly where local groups of youths interact with others from outside the area). Criminal damage is perpetrated on any street items that get in their way. Youths target one specific shop, as it has a broken door, which is repeatedly kicked in so they could steal alcohol and food. There is evidence of significant use of recreational drugs by a few youths.